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The research interests of the Analysis Group lie mainly in Functional Analysis and Complex Analysis with emphasis on the structure theory of locally convex spaces; in particular, spaces of analytic, harmonic, and infinitely differentiable functions of several variables.

The following areas are of particular interest: linear topological invariants, isomorphisms and bases in locally convex spaces; complex potential theory, approximation and interpolation of analytic and harmonic functions, composition operators on analytic function spaces; probability measures in infinite dimensional spaces, nonlinear theory of distributions; as well as operator theory, pseudo-differential operators and partial differential equations. In this mathematical landscape, geometry, functional analysis, complex and real analysis work together to create a rich set of phenomena, many of which still have to be understood.

The Analysis Group initiated the Istanbul Analysis Seminars, which takes place every Friday. Furthermore, the Group is part of an international network for Functional and Complex Analysis comprising other groups from Wuppertal, Trier, Valencia, Ann Arbor, Poznan, Duesseldorf, Krakow, Rostov-on-Don, Uppsala, Tel Aviv, Toulouse. In the frame of this network, the conference on Real Analytic and Complex Analytic Methods in Functional Analysis was hosted by Sabancı University (September 20-24, 2004). This Conference was preceded by three others, Linear Topological Spaces and Complex Analysis (Edirne, 1994, 1996, 1999), as well as the summer semester in Complex Potential Theory (Feza Gursey Institute, 1999). Visit here for the recent events by the mathematics program.

Additionally, some Group members also take part in the Istanbul Seminars in Partial Differential Equations and Applications, as well as in related projects involving several Istanbul universities.

Faculty: Aydin Aytuna, Ulug Capar, Plamen Djakov, Albert Erkip, Nihat Gokhan Gogus, Mohan Ravichandran (visiting), Semih Onur Sezer, Tosun Terzioglu, Onur Yavuz (visiting),Vyacheslav Zahariuta